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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

Planning for a wedding can be stressful. There’s a LOT to consider – from venues, decoration, food, to guests, music, and entourage, just to name a few. Whether you want a small, intimate celebration or a large festivity, it all begins with the invitations.

But how do you even make a wedding invitation? And what information should be included?


What is a Wedding Invitation Suite?

Wedding Vows

In essence, a wedding suite consists of all paper goods sent with the invitation to those in your guest list. Traditionally, there should be the actual invite, the response card (RSVP), corresponding envelopes, and postage. Modern weddings however, have expanded the suite to include:

  • Save-The-Dates
  • Reception cards
  • Directions to venue(s)
  • Wedding programs
  • Menu cards
  • Place cards
  • Inner Envelope
  • Thank-You cards
  • Weekend Events Card
  • Accommodations Card

Some of these – like menu and place cards – are optional and are often not found in most invitations. Recently though, it’s common to receive invites with 6 to 10 components, all color-coordinated and with matching outer- and inner envelopes.

If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Stationery designers offer services such as design ideas, along with letterpress, engraving, and printing to take the stress out of the first steps towards your dream wedding. For couples on a strict budget, you can make and print the invitations yourselves (particularly for those with less than 50 guests). An awesome and earth-friendly alternative are e-invites.

We are getting married invite

Regardless of your choice, you’ll still need a suitable design that goes well with your theme or motif. Here’s where a wedding invitation suite comes in handy. These are available online and can be purchased or downloaded for free. Most contain mock-ups that you just need to edit by adding your own details (names, venues, time, dates, etc.) and they’re ready to print in minutes.

Stationery suites also consist of several elements such as RSVP cards, Save the Dates, place cards, Thank-You’s, and even gift tags so you don’t need to lose sleep about duplicating a design. The only caveat is that many wedding suites will need photo editing software like Photoshop.

For couples unfamiliar with the app (or don’t want to download it), make sure the stationery set is compatible with whatever software (e.g. Word, Canva, etc.) you want to work with.

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Minimalist Wedding Suites

Even if you’re not going for the entire minimalist look, these wedding suites are gorgeous enough to fit almost any theme – from romantic, bohemian, rustic, to garden, alternative, and vintage. All you need now is to choose just one. Kickstart your wedding planning with these stunning invitation sets.


1. Minimal Wedding Set

Go back to basics in this stunning invitation suite from Azka Creative. With 9 PSD files that includes: Save the Date, RSVP, menu, place cards, and thank you cards, you can easily edit and adjust to your liking in Photoshop (requires minimum of Photoshop CS3).

Download Minimal Wedding Set

2. Modern Sketch Floral Wedding Suite

This contemporary collection is perfect for bohemian, rustic, romantic, or garden themed weddings. Fully editable and in high resolution, you’d be ready to print and send in minutes.

Download Modern Sketch Floral Wedding Suite

3. Purple Floral Wedding Suite

Purple Floral Wedding Suite

The color purple has always been associated with creativity, wisdom, grandeur, devotion, pride, and mystery. It’s a wonderful choice if you want to convey simple elegance without going overboard. (Fonts used in sample are FREE and can be found in Google Fonts.)

Download Purple Floral Wedding Suite

4. Watercolor Floral Wedding Suite

Watercolor Floral Wedding Suite

Soft illustrations of pink peonies, a red rose, and green leaves, on black and white cards, this beautiful wedding suite is fully editable and print-ready for your convenience.

Download Watercolor Floral Wedding Suite

5. Wedding Anniversary Invitation Suite

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Suite

Danny Aldana brings you this fine set of 4 PSD and 4 Ai files, consisting of: main invitation, RSVP, information, and Thank-You cards. Ideal for couples who are planning wedding anniversaries.

Download Wedding Anniversary Invitation Suite

6. Eucalyptus Foliage Wedding Suite

Eucalyptus Foliage Wedding Suite

In some cultures, the eucalyptus is believed to have a purifying effect as burning its leaves is said to get rid of bad energy. For others, it’s a symbol of strength, protection, and survival. It definitely adds a subtle pop of color and good vibes to this stationery pack.

Download Eucalyptus Foliage Wedding Suite

7. Navy Creme Wedding Suite
Navy Creme Wedding Suite
Keep it simple but stunning using this elegant wedding suite that’s fully editable and ready to print. Recommended for beach, nautical, or nighttime themed celebrations.

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Download Navy Creme Wedding Suite

8. Modern Sketch Wedding Suite

Modern Sketch Wedding Suite

Flower sketches dominate this minimalist invitation suite that’s as sweet as it is practical. Print on any color (or just white) paper and you’re ready to go.

Download Modern Sketch Wedding Suite

9. Modern Colourful Wedding Suite

Featuring Smart objects layers, this product allows you to fully edit colors, text, and backgrounds so you have full control, while saving time and money.

Download Modern Colourful Wedding Suite

10. Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

Tiny blossoms deck this invitation suite that contains 9 PSD files, including: the main invitation, table number, RSVP, save-the-date, thank-you, and wishing-well cards.

Download Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

11. Minimal Sketch Floral Wedding Suite

Minimal Sketch Floral Wedding Suite

Flowers are not overrated – especially when they’re beautifully rendered like this. Recommended for couples who want something lovely yet straightforward.

Download Minimal Sketch Floral Wedding Suite

12. Minimal Sketch Wedding Suite

Minimal Sketch Wedding Suite

Classy, unpretentious, yet quite unforgettable, this invitation collection is everything a minimalist couple could wish for.

Download Minimal Sketch Wedding Suite

13. Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

With simple geometric patterns, this wedding suite puts emphasis on you and your special day. Feel free to edit the text, colors, or backgrounds to your liking. Use a minimum of Photoshop CS3.

Download Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

14. Minimal Grey Wedding Suite

Minimal Grey Wedding Suite

You can’t go wrong with basic hues. This pack goes well with just black, white, and grey to make sure all eyes will be on you.

Download Minimal Grey Wedding Suite

15. Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

This modern invitation pack is strong, sharp, and clean. Ideal for couples who want the bare essentials but still something impactful to announce their celebration.

Download Minimal Wedding Invitation Suite

16. Minimal Black Wedding Suite

Minimal Black Wedding Suite

Featuring bold, black bands and unique lettering details, this wedding suite is perfect for any motif – from a romantic dinner to a vintage-themed reception.

Download Minimal Black Wedding Suite

17. Wedding Invitation Set

Wedding Invitation Set

A colorful bouquet of roses adorns the edges of this invitation set from Agape_Z. The product contains 9 files plus a PDF file to help you get the most out of this sweet collection.

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Download Wedding Invitation Set

18. Decorative Wedding Invitation Suite

Decorative Wedding Invitation Suite

Easily create an elegant and sophisticated theme using this gorgeous white-and-blue set from Guuver. Swirls, dots, and lines make this pack perfect for garden, vintage, alternative, or nautical motifs.

Download Decorative Wedding Invitation Suite

19. Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

Make your own amazing wedding invitations in minutes using this practical set that includes 9 PSD file items. High-resolution (300 DPI) and print-ready, all you need is a minimum of Photoshop CS3 and basic editing skills.

Download Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

20. Andria Minimal Wedding Suite

Andria Minimal Wedding Suite

This gorgeous minimalist theme allows you to add photos to truly customize your wedding invitations. Showcase your love using this special collection.

Download Andria Minimal Wedding Suite

21. Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

Working on a limited budget and thinking about making your own invites? Don’t worry – this modern minimalist suite is here so you can begin your wedding planning on the right note.

Download Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

22. Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

Don’t get too bugged down by details. This contemporary stationery pack is great for when you just want to focus on the essentials. It covers all the basics like the invitation, Save-The-Date, RSVP, escort, menu, and thank-you cards.

Download Modern Minimal Wedding Suite

23. Minimal Invite Wedding Set

This wedding suite can be played up by using different colored paper or backgrounds to add a fun, exuberant vibe to its muted design.

Download Minimal Invite Wedding Set

24. Marona Minimal Wedding Suite

What’s one of the best ways to personalize a wedding invite? Add photos! Images can instantly perk up an otherwise modest presentation, while giving your recipients a peek of your love story. This stunning invitation set will help you achieve just that.

Download Marona Minimal Wedding Suite

25. Minimal Colour Wedding Set

Minimal Colour Wedding Set

With 9 PSD file items including the main invite, Save the Date, RSVP, Table Numbers, Details, and Thank You cards, this collection will save you time and money when it comes to the first steps of planning your dream wedding.

Download Minimal Colour Wedding Set