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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

If you are hosting a summer camp for kids, adults, or a summer camping festival or party this year, then you know that there are a few things that need to be perfect! It may well be 2-3 years since you have been able to host a camp because Covid-19 has put a halt to so many social activities.

With this in mind, you will need to have the best promotional material ready because there is bound to be a lot of competition for spaces and places in different summer camps. While some factors are critical, like location and activities involved in the camp, other factors like the quality of your promotion are just as important.

So that’s where we come in! Just below are 25 summer camp flyer templates that will be sure to make your camp stand out and gain the most attention!

Indie Camp Festival Flyer/Poster

If you are looking for an awesome flyer to suit your camping festival, then this picturesque template is a home run of a choice! A cartoon-like effect encapsulates the natural beauty of camping in the summer.

Download it here

Kids Summer Camp Set Template

Colorful, fun, and eye-catching, this template is perfect for any kids summer camp. The font and colors are super-fun and are easily changeable if needed. It is ideal for a4 or a5 posters and flyers and can even be edited to suit a variety of social media sites!

Download it here!

School Camp Flyer

Perfect for any school-run summer camp, this template has a gorgeous white, red, and light green balance. There is ample space in the center for a picture of your choice, and of course, there is also a lot of space at the bottom for key information like dates, location and activities involved. It’s a win-win.

Download it here!

Summer Camping Graphic Template

If you are looking for an image-heavy template that contains little writing but all of the space you could need to include awesome pictures of how fun your camp will be, consider this easily editable template!

Download it here!

Camp Flyer

One of the most aesthetically pleasing templates that we have ever seen, one could go as far as to suggest that you don’t even need to change anything about this template, aside from the name of the camp and the dates, of course. Other than that, there is no need to mess with perfection.

Download it here!

Kids Summer Camp Flyer Template

Fun, inviting and modern, this cartoony camp flyer contains a nice balance of yellow and white and has an image of a tent in the middle, surrounded by the moon and stars. It highlights some of the beauty associated with outdoor camping. It is sure to draw people in!

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Download it here today!

Summer Camp Retro Flyer

Not only does this flyer template have a fantastic retro vibe to it, but it also contains a range of boxes on it for text, images, or essential contact details. All fonts and colors can be changed too.

Try it here!

Summer Camp Event Flyer

Perfect for any a4 or a5 posters and flyers, this template is dominated by a bright and eye-catching yellow. There is a nice contrast with the orange tent, and the black writing underneath sits well. Altogether, it makes for a very effective package.

Download it here!

Kids Summer Camp Flyer 02

If you are looking for a fun design that will keep kids interested, then this template could well be what you need! With lots of room for text that can be edited and changed up as needed and some unique text boxes at the bottom for images or more information, this template is more versatile than the others on the list.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Flyer Set

The washed-out colors of this template give it a retro design, but this template is modern and clean, with lots of space for times, dates and activities to be written, and plenty of space for an image or two, this is a great template to get you started.

Try it today!

Summer Camp Flyer Set 2

This template is not only optimized for a4 and a5 print but can be edited on Adobe platforms to suit Instagram and Facebook posts and stories too. The images are all layered and are fully customizable, and you can always change the font and the text too if needed.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Flyer Set 3

With a stunning stock image already attached, you won’t need to do much with this template. Simply add in your text and you are good to go. Ideal for a4 posters and social media posts too.

Download it here!

Yuruca Summer Camp Flyer

With this design you get two separate styles for the price of one! Perfect for the promotion of any summer camp adventure, there is space for an image, and indeed space down at the bottom for any important text too!

Give it a go today!

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Summer Camp Flyer 2

A gorgeous and subtle design that was created to catch the attention of passers-by, this design is simple yet effective/ A car is surrounded by trees and mountains, isolated from the interference of the outside world, in just the same way that a summer camp or festival would be! Download and edit it to your heart’s content.

Download here!

Summer Camp Flyer 3

Vibrant and modern, this template is super eye-catching and is perfect in a4 poster or a5 flyer format.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Poster

There are two designs with this template, but both are pretty similar, the color being the only noticeable difference. However, the image, which gives the point of view of someone looking out over a lake, is truly breathtaking and is perfect regardless of what color the sky is—ideal for any camping events happening by a river.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Poster, Flyer and Instagram

Yet another versatile summer camp poster design, this green, orange and white flyer design is perfectly optimized to fit into a4, a5 or social media-sized posts.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Flyer Set 2

This design is so simple yet so effective! There is a soothing and relaxing element with a cartoon-like campfire in the center of the template and brown/red surrounding it. There are no bells and whistles and nothing too extravagant. It is also optimized for social media posts and stories.

Download it here!

Summer Camp Flyer Set 3

Another eye-catching template that can be easily edited to suit your summer camp, perfect for social media posts too.

Try it here.

Summer Camp Flyer 4

Simple, elegant, and subtle, this design is perfect for those that don’t want to create anything too crazy and would rather go for a more laid-back approach.

Try it here.

Summer Camp Flyer 5

Perfect for summer camps, summer concerts, or any outdoor-themed event, this template is easy to download and even easier to edit as needed. There is a lot of space to add text at the bottom, so you can get all of the required information into one small space.

Try it today!

Summer Camp Flyer 6

This template offers up a real contrast when compared to many of the others on the list. For example, a bright yellow sky is harshly contrasted with light green grass. This is purely to catch the attention of those passing by the poster, or those interested in picking up a flyer! Of course, you can always change the colors to suit your needs, and the fonts/text can be edited accordingly.

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Download it here!

Summer Camp Flyer Set 4

This is a unique template design and contains different shades of red, moving from dark into light. The outline of trees and a tent is simple yet effective, and once downloaded, you can edit the text to suit whatever it is your camp offers as well. It is a great option.

Try it today

Summer Camp Flyer 7

If you are looking for an awesome flyer to suit your camping festival, then this picturesque template is a good choice. There is a cartoon-like effect that encapsulates the real beauty of camping in the summer. It is simple, beautiful, and is not too over-the-top.

Download it here!


How can I make a summer camp flyer?

Making a summer camp flyer is always fun, but it can be difficult to start from scratch. The easiest way to create a fun and eye-catching flyer is actually to take inspiration from one of the many templates available in this article. With 25 different ideas and concepts to choose from, there should be an option here for any kind of summer camp!

Are Printable Summer Camp flyer templates a good idea?

They most certainly are! Good printable summer camp flyer templates can be an effective promotion tool. PSD flyers are not nice sheets of paper. Instead, a flyer sample is informative and attractive. The goal is to catch peoples attention and make them want to attend your summer camp!

Where can I promote my summer camp?

There are a few options available for promoting your summer camp. The most obvious means of promotion would be social media because that will be ideal for targeting the parents. Similarly, you can also hand out flyers door-to-door or even hand a set of flyers into a school to give the students flyers and more information to pass on to their parents.

Can I edit my design idea even after I have saved it?

Absolutely! Each of the templates listed above are fully editable and can be used and reused again and again. It is as easy as opening the design again and clicking ‘edit’ on whatever platform you use.

What makes a good summer camp flyer?

A good summer camp flyer will typically include images, as well as a heading with an exciting and eye-catching font, dates available, the location that the summer camp will take place, and contact details so that those interested can get in touch if necessary (phone number, social media etc)