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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

Scavenger hunts remain popular. From a tipsy bridal party to Sunday afternoon time with the family, this activity is flexible enough for everyone to enjoy. 

If this is your first time planning a scavenger hunt or you want to create your best adventure yet, then you are certainly in the right place. We did the homework for you and compiled the top list of popular ideas that will make your scavenger hunt stand out!

1. Insect Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Kids.

Hand each of your children (or students) a notebook and magnifying glass. The aim of the game is to see who can find the most bugs – and let’s face it, most kids are fascinated by insects. If your kid is more of a shutterbug (sorry, we could not resist…), then give them a camera instead. They can also use a phone to take photos of insects. 

When all is said and done, you can sit down with your kids and spend some time together. One great activity is to identify all the insects that they have found.

2. Clue Based Hunts

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

Clue based scavenger hunts are the most popular by far. Participants must solve clues to move on to the next position – or even to find the next location! You can create a fun hunt for your kids in the backyard (or indoors if the weather is bad). Alternatively, you can organize a complicated hunt for adults that span an entire building or even the town. 

3. Art Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

The idea is simple but creative juices are guaranteed to flow! This is a great spin on scavenger hunts – especially if your kids, students or friends love art.

Create a list of things that each person must “hunt” for. Include things that are easy to find (or at least there is a good chance of finding them!). When the person spots the object, plant or bird, they must draw it. The first one to sketch all the targets wins!

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4. Holiday Hunts

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

These are simply theme-based scavenger hunts. In other words, on Halloween, you can host a spooky mystery with clues and plenty of creepy decorations. You can also design scavenger hunts for Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and Easter. 

5. Wedding Anniversary Game

Appropriate for: Adults.

Are you looking for a sweet and romantic way to celebrate your anniversary? If your spouse loves games, then a scavenger hunt is a must. Truth be told, this will be a game-for-one but your significant other will never forget this anniversary!

Incorporate clues, cards with great memories, and small gifts into the hunt. All of this will show your love and appreciation in a unique way.

6. Find The Gifts

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

Leaving thoughtful and small gifts throughout a scavenger hunt is not limited to couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. You can also create a similar game for birthdays. Other examples include hosting a hunt to reward a loved one for reaching a milestone ( like graduating) or even when they overcome a difficult period in their lives (like divorce or illness). 

Whatever the occasion, a treasure hunt littered with tiny gifts is exciting and your child, family member or friend will know that they are cherished!

7. Back to School

Appropriate for: Kids.

Is it almost time to go back to school? A scavenger hunt might just wipe that pouty look off your kid’s face! Hand them a printed sheet full of clues about the things that they need to find around the house and garden. 

These items should include things for the new school year. Just a few examples could include a new school bag, stationery, lunch box, and clothing. Try to include a few things that will make your children smile. Get their favorite colors and pens. Just keep a list for yourself so that you will not forget where you hid everything!

8. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Kids.

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You can probably already see where this one is going! Kids must look around the garden, home, or play the game during a car ride. The aim is to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. When they spot a cow, they can tick “C” off their sheet. 

9. Camping Adventure

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

This activity is perfect to keep the kids occupied on a camping trip. However, adults also love this take on scavenger hunts. You can pretty much do anything with this idea. It can be as simple as ticking off a list of things you see during a hike or a full-blown, clue-driven hunt where teams compete to win an ultimate prize. 

10. Night Hunt

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

Instead of holding your next scavenger hunt during the day, why not wait until dark? Nighttime provides a great atmosphere for themed hunts (like Halloween) or if you are trying to teach your kids about nocturnal wildlife. Once again, give children a list of things to find or clues to solve. Adults can have more complex activities that lead them through a garden or town. 

Since nighttime comes with its own dangers, make sure that children are not walking around in the woods after dark to tick “frog” off their list. Don’t send your friends into places (like parks) that are known for their criminal element when the sun goes down!

11. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

Kids can search for winter-related items like snowmen, frozen things, icicles, and special treats that you have hidden away. Adults can also enjoy a frosty time. Give them a clue-based hunt with a winter theme and have some fun. Don’t forget to keep a couple of warm drinks handy!

12. GPS Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Adults.

Send your friends on a wild adventure by sending them GPS coordinates. This game can be played in one of two ways. If all of your friends are willing to travel, then they can visit each spot and take a photo to prove that they were there. 

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Otherwise, they can search for the location online. The latter needs something to make it a little more exciting, though. Perhaps you can give them a riddle about each location that they also have to solve. It can relate to the history of the region or even a famous landmark.

13. News Reporter Scavenger Hunt

Appropriate for: Adults.

The idea is to report on things like a TV news crew. You can add this game to a scavenger hunt that hosts several activities – or base the entire hunt on different “reports.” To advance, your teams must seriously report on mundane things like water fountains, a random tree or find something on a list to interview. 

This is not only unusual and fun but since participants must record the reporting, these videos can provide laughter for a long time.

14. Collections

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

The goal with a “collections” scavenger hunt is to collect as much as you can of something. Similar to an Easter egg hunt, participants can search for items in the back yard, across town or even online. All they have to do is to take photos of the items or collect them. You can incorporate clues to help them find the best harvesting spots!

15. Acts of Kindness

Appropriate for: Kids and adults.

This is a great way to make a random stranger’s day and teach kids about compassion. Hey, your adult friends will love it too. The goal is to complete a certain number of kind acts. These can be preordained suggestions like “Give someone flowers” or “Pay for someone’s parking spot.” Contestants can also perform their own acts of kindness. 

Keep in mind that some people might not appreciate an unknown person giving them flowers and then asking for a selfie with them as “proof” for some game. Acts of kindness are wonderful but make sure that it doesn’t annoy anyone!