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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

Every culture has its own way of honoring their dead. These rites usually involve preparing the body of a dearly departed to the afterlife. The concept of a life after death has been interpreted in many forms.

In some parts of the world, funerals are observed differently than what we are used to. Here are a few examples.


Funerals around the World

While some are content in burying the deceased and hoping that their spirits would prepare to cross worlds beyond, there are cultures that stand out in their idea of what a funeral should be.

Tibetans, for instance, leave bodies on mountainous areas and are often cut into pieces so that scavengers consume and completely dispose of the remains. The Malagasy people of Madagascar on the other hand, open the tombs of their dead every few years, dress them in fresh clothes, and dance near the grave.

Nordic countries have chosen water as their means for the deceased to travel into other realms. Either they are laid in coffins facing the ocean, sinking the bodies in water; or they build ‘death ships’ where the dead are set adrift.

Various Philippine tribes have unique ways of honoring the dead, too. From hanging bodies on the sides of cliffs, to making them sit in front of their home for days. It won’t be a surprise if there are other rites that are rarely known to the world.


Funeral Invitation Card Templates

You might wonder why we have funerals at all. It’s actually meant for those who are left behind. Funeral and memorial services allow loved ones to have closure. It’s a kind of avenue to acknowledge someone’s passing, as well as to reflect on the meaning of death.

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Losing loved ones is always sad and never easy. It’s a good idea to prepare for this event nonetheless. These funeral invitation templates should help you in this area.


1. Simple Funeral Program

Simple Funeral

The simple black and yellow ochre hues of this funeral announcement by Graphicapital are both solemn but warm.

Download Simple Funeral Program

2. Aesthetic Funeral Program

Aesthetic Funeral

Black and elegant, you can customize this memorial service invitation with your loved one’s photo.

Download Aesthetic Funeral Program

3. Funeral Program

Funeral Program man

Tasteful, fully customizable, and editable, this funeral template is easy to work with. Product comes with Ai and PSD files.

Download Funeral Program

4. Funeral Program

Funeral Program

Graphicook presents this simple yet thoughtful funeral invitation that you can quickly edit and send to guests.

Download Funeral Program

5. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template white

Modest with a classic look, this obituary program by Vynetta comes in a bi-fold brochure style that would fit any theme or taste.

Download Funeral Program Template

6. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template woman

100% Vector and with well-organized layers, this funeral program template lets you add a few photos of your departed loved one.

Download Funeral Program Template

7. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template

Print this layout onto black paper or cardstock for that dignified and polished feeling.

Download Funeral Program Template

8. Funeral Invitation

Funeral Program Template

These online funeral invitations are fully customizable. Just edit with your own details and send.

Download Funeral Invitation

9. Funeral Invitation Flyer Set

Funeral Program Template

The gold accents in this humble memorial service invitation give it a lovely but light touch. Works well as a digital or printed project.

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Download Funeral Invitation Flyer Set

10. Funeral Program Layout

Funeral Program Template

Don’t get too bogged down by details. With this convenient funeral program layout from Guuver, you can just edit and press send.

Download Funeral Program Layout

11. Vintage Funeral Invitation

Funeral Program Template

You will get 1 PSD and 1 Ai file with this set from Lilynthesweetpea. Compatible with Adobe CS5 or higher.

Download Vintage Funeral Invitation

12. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template

Create beautiful, customized funeral invitations with this elegant template that’s easy to fill in and ready to print.

Download Funeral Program Template

13. Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template

Remember your loved ones in amazing detail with this handsome memorial program that could also act as a keepsake.

Download Funeral Program Template

14. Funeral Flyer

Funeral Program Template

Fresh, sophisticated, and modern, this funeral flyer from UI creativenet features well-organized layers for quick and easy editing.

Download Funeral Flyer

15. Funeral Invitation

Funeral Program Template

This set includes Ai and PSD files, with a template for an Instagram Post for your convenience.

Download Funeral Invitation

16. Funeral Program Flyer Set

Funeral Program Template

Danny Aldana brings you this lovely set of highly customizable funeral invitations to fondly remember your departed loved ones.

Download Funeral Program Flyer Set