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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

Diaper parties are quite a new phenomenon. They are the male version of a baby shower and are typically one of the events most looked forward to by expectant dads. After all, the girls are spending time planning the baby shower; why should they get to have all of the fun? Why not plan a low-key “guys only” party to celebrate the baby’s arrival? A diaper party is a perfect excuse to get together with the guys to drink some beer and maybe even watch a game on TV.

Diaper parties are often planned by the new dad’s family or friends. They sometimes take place on the same day as the baby shower and might be in a different location (another house, or the back yard, basement or garage).  They will usually involve sports, beer and, well, diapers. Here is a quick and easy to follow guide on how to throw a diaper party for anyone that is expecting a child soon.

Quick Tips

Getting the guys to buy the exact kind of diapers you want or need might be a task. In that case, perhaps don’t get them to buy any diapers because they may end up getting different types of diapers in different sizes, and your female partner will kill you. An easy way around this is setting up a jar that the boys can put money into.

That way, you will have money for the diapers that are needed and won’t be left dealing with five varieties of ‘huggies’ at the end of the night. Alternatively, you can make a group chat that specifies what diapers that you and your partner are planning to use; that way, the boys will know (or should know) which ones to get.

Keep it low key – Invite some of your nearest and dearest friends, but there is no need to bring half the neighborhood along.

The baby shower and the diaper party are not mutually exclusive and should not happen simultaneously. There should be separate days set aside for both events so that both mum and dad can have their own special day.

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Why have a diaper party at all?

Contrary to popular belief, its not all about the mother. The father plays an important role in the baby’s life and will be there to support the expectant mother, so why shouldn’t he be rewarded a little? Another reason why diaper parties are thrown would be the mere fact that diapers are not cheap. On average, families buy around 2000 to 3000 diapers in the first two years, and let’s be honest with ourselves, anyone with children knows well how expensive diapers can be.

Ideally, the family should be a part of the special celebration. Then, the party must feature the dad’s dearest friends. It would be wiser to let the dad decide whom he wants at the event. This way, the entire event will stay cozy and comfortable for the dad-to-be.

Some Good Ideas

  1. The men in attendance have to wear diapers – this is a little crazy, but then again, so is the idea that you will be a father very soon, so you better get used to it!
  2. Make gift boxes based on the theme of your party – This is a little reminder to all of those in attendance that you appreciate them, and it is a very nice idea overall, we think.
  3. Buy some baby feeding bottles and serve beer in them – Yes, you read that correctly. If paired up with the whole diaper-wearing thing, this is a hilarious concept.
  4. All men must pretend to be pregnant – This will surely annoy any nearby women, but isn’t that the man’s job anyway?
  5. Make a little schedule with all of the days’ activities/sports games on it – it never hurts to be organized!

The Essentials

There are a few ‘must-haves’ when it comes to the humble diaper party, here are a small few of those:

  • Alcohol- alcoholic beverages are the centrepiece of any good diaper party. It gives the father-to-be one last chance at enjoying the beauty of a cold beer with his friends before he enters the realm of fatherhood.
  • Diapers – Now as I outlined above, a collection jar for diapers is just as acceptable. However, even getting the boys to buy some diapers and writing some messages of encouragement on them so that you get some words of wisdom when you change your babies’ diaper is a great idea!
  • Shot glasses – for the obligatory shots, of course….
  • Ice – Ice is a hidden gem that is regularly forgotten at any good party, so don’t be one of those people that forgets to bring or supply Ice.
  • Sports – Any great diaper party will be held on a Sunday, accompanied by some football. (This will depend on the time of the year that you have the party). In saying that, there will always be sport of some sort on, which is why it can be clever to have a schedule set up, and your dates for the party picked wisely.
  • Food – When I say food, you don’t need top of the line quality steaks or fish. However, all of the classics should be there. Wings, nachos, chips, dips, some chocolate and fries should be making an appearance. If you’re feeling generous, then maybe some burger or hot dogs could go a long way.
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Invitations and Decorations

Any good diaper party should have some fun and hilarious invitations to accompany it. Some good ideas surrounding the invitation process include

  • The signaling of something that attracts the invitees. For example, beer! You can word the card with “beer” mentioned several times.
  • Event tickets have become a norm for diaper party invites. In fact, you can include an entrance fee too, which would be a pack of premium diapers!
  • Get the diaper party invites to be cheeky and adventurous with a cute cartoon baby in a diaper. You can also get specially made and molded invitations to suit an occasion, so why not look for diaper-shaped invitations.

There are lots of possibilities in terms of decoration and design, but as a man, you are probably not too concerned with decoration; you probably just want the best beer and food possible. In saying that, there are a couple of ideas that you may well find interesting:

  • A beer cake – get a cake shaped like a can of beer, or go even lazier and use up some of the empty beer cans you have from the party and make a beer-can cake.
  • Buy some banners – I suppose these are a necessity. Banners signify that it is indeed a party and will make the room look a little livelier.
  • Buy some diapers – It is a diaper party, after all, so you may as well get a few diapers and have them scattered around the room for effect, it may look a little silly, but it’s all in the name of fun.


Is having a diaper party easy?

Keeping it simple is the key to success, from diaper party invitations and food to diaper party games and prizes! It’s actually one of the easiest baby showers to plan, and it’s fun for everyone!

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Can a diaper party be themed?

Yes, they can be themed, and in fact, they often follow a set of traditional themes, these being beer and sports. So typically, there would be a diaper party on a Sunday when the football is on. However, not all men are into the same things, so beware when planning.

Is throwing a diaper party expensive?

Not really. It depends on how many guys you want to have over, but everyone usually brings their drinks. So it may just be up to you to supply the chips and dip!

Are there any funky and fun diaper party ideas?

There are hundreds of funky ideas that guys come up with for their diaper parties. One of the funniest and most creative is having each of your friends write funny messages, or words of wisdom and encouragement on the inside of the babies diaper. That way, whenever you or your partner change a diaper, you get a little quote or saying to make you laugh or keep you motivated.

Can you play games at a diaper party?

Absolutely! Once the sports are over on television, feel free to get the poker chips ready! Alternatively, you can play darts or some board games; there is a ton of possibilities!