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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

The BINGO we have come to know today is a card with a grid of random numbers. If you get the lucky paper that lets you string together numbers in rows and/or columns, you win a prize depending on what your host has in store. This is a game that can be played by all: whether during reunions or a day-long event complete with a meal.

No wonder Bingo remains to be one of the most popular forms of low-priced gambling in the world.


The History of Bingo

A fun game of bingo with curly fries for dinner on a warm summer day

Believe it or not, records of the earliest form of Bingo played could be traced as far as the 1530s.

The origins seemed to be from an Italian Sunday game named ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’. European neighbors adopted it and it took different forms. The French played it as a game exclusively for wealthy gentlemen in the 1770s, while Germans had their own more educational version aimed at children in the 1800s.

The Bingo we are familiar with now had its roots with the American keno of the early 19th Century. The British armed services also kept their versions in the form of the Navy’s tombola and the Army’s housy.

There was also a North American variant called ‘beano’: a county fair game where a dealer picked a random numbered disc from a cigar box and players marked their cards with beans. Players yelled ‘beano’ when they won. Its name was changed to ‘bingo’ when toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe heard someone accidentally saying the word instead of ‘beano’.

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Bingo reached its first height of popularity during the Great Depression, when patrons played inside motion-picture theaters at a designated time. They received their cards for free after claiming their admission tickets, with prizes varying from cash to merchandise.


Bingo Invitation Templates

Wondering what to host for game night? Let these cool bingo invitation designs be your guide!


1. Neon Bingo Night Flyer Set

Inspired by city lights, Graphicook brings to you this fully customizable and editable pack with Ai and PSD templates. Download links for free fonts used included.

Download Neon Bingo Night Flyer Set

2. Online Bingo Night Flyer Set

These beautiful, retro templates are meant for online usage; perfect for your YouTube channel or Facebook Live event. Send them via email, or post your own versions on social media.

Download Online Bingo Night Flyer Set

3. Bingo Night Event Flyer

A fun twist to a classic style, this flyer design from Guuver includes Ai and PSD files, in well-organized layers, that are quick and easy to edit, even for beginners.

Download Bingo Night Event Flyer

4. Bingo Night Flyer Set

This flyer set is great for both print and online announcements. There is nothing like a marquee to broadcast some good, old-fashioned bingo night, after all.

Download Bingo Night Flyer Set

5. Bingo Night Event Flyer

Wanna host game night and you’re looking for the best game to bring all guests together? Throw a bingo night using this fantastic flyer!

Download Bingo Night Event Flyer

6. Bingo Flyer Set

Highly customizable and easy to edit, this fun template will help get the word out about your upcoming event. All you need now is to come up with amazing prizes.

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Download Bingo Flyer Set

7. Bingo Night Event Flyer

They say that shades of orange and red are great for attracting people. If so, then this orange-and-cream combo will surely bring in the right crowd – all that’s missing are the details.

Download Bingo Night Event Flyer

8. Bingo Night Flyer Set

Want some clean, O-some fun for the whole community? A night of games and prizes is sure to B-delightful! Get this template and spread the word!

Download Bingo Night Flyer Set

9. Bingo Night Flyer

This cute and cartoonish invitation template by Creativeartx comes highly recommended for establishments, organizations, clubs, or pubs that intend to host bingo night.

Download Bingo Night Flyer

10. Bingo Flyer & Menu Templates

BrandPacks gives you this energetic flyer design with glowing neon effects to give your game announcements more jazz. Two designs included: one that’s best for posters and small details, the other is recommended for when you need to list menus, sponsors, and prizes.

Download Bingo Flyer & Menu Templates

11. Bingo Night Flyer Set

Bright, colorful, and eye-catching, this wonderful template is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC, as well as Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, and CS6.

Download Bingo Night Flyer Set

12. Bingo Night Event Flyer

A vibrant take on the common bingo card, this vintage-inspired event flyer can be easily edited (including the colors!) to fit your party’s theme.

Download Bingo Night Event Flyer

13. Bingo Night Event Flyer

Reminiscent of classic bingo cards, these orange-black-cream customizable templates from Muhamadiqbalhidayat comes in PSD files you can work with using CS 5.

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Download Bingo Night Event Flyer

14. Bingo Night Flyer

Print-ready and with well-organized layers, these 100% vector designs from Lilynthesweetpea will definitely thrill guests in time for game night.

Download Bingo Night Flyer