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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

It’s not every day that someone turns 70 years of age, so it should be celebrated in style when it’s their birthday! However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, and before we get into the best ideas, it is only right that we give you some of those important tips. So sit back, relax, and take note of some of the easiest to organize, fun, and timeless birthday party ideas that we are sure every 70-year-old will love!

Top Tips

  • Have a theme: It’s not an absolute essential, but it sure as hell makes life easier when planning. Even on the shortest notice, working with a theme can make things come together so much faster than having no theme at all. However, for someone in their 70s, you should probably be careful as to what themes you choose. For example, a golden ages theme might be more suitable than horror or a Kanye West-themed party.
  • You don’t need to spend big: Honestly, if you do spend big, the birthday boy/girl will probably give out to you for making a fuss! So it is always best to work on the side of caution. This simplicity works in with the next tip too.
  • Keep it simple and classy: As long as the birthday boy/girl has their friends and family around them, they are going to be happy, so you can hold off on the helicopters and the strippers.

The List

  1. Create a Slideshow of their favorite pictures – this is a great way to remind them of some great days gone by. They will love this.
  2. Have a cake specially made for them – it is no secret that older people usually love cake, so why not tap into that a little and get a cake specially made for them in the design of something they love.
  3. Vintage Cars – You don’t need to rent out a garage of vintage cars for this one, you can just go through old photo albums and find pictures of the different vehicles that your family member owned in his or her life. Print these pictures onto big posters for party decorations. Have a cake made in the shape of the guest of honor’s favorite car. If you want to wow them, find out their dream car and rent it for the day so they can ride or drive around town. It can make them feel years younger.
  4. Casino Night – there is no better way to make the birthday boy feel like one of the guys than by holding a casino night. Bring over a few beers the poker chips, get him a cigar, and let him enjoy the casino lifestyle. He’ll be feeling like James Bond in no time.
  5. Have a BBQ – who doesn’t love a good barbeque? These are great because they are ideal for families of any size, plus hot dogs, burgers and a few drinks. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. Shopping – If the birthday boy/girl likes to shop, bring them to their favorite store and treat them.
  7. Golf – again, catered towards men, but a great option, nonetheless. Chances are, he plays golf anyway and will wipe the floor with you all.
  8. Karaoke – Music is a universal language, and who doesn’t love to sing!!
  9. Afternoon Tea – This is such a lovely way to spend an afternoon and will make any birthday boy/girl feel special. They can be expensive depending on where you go, so beware of that before you commit.
  10. Fishing – pack some folding chairs and blankets, grab a couple of beers, bring a few snacks, and go out on the boat with himself and some of the boys. A great way to spend an afternoon/evening.
  11. Make them dinner – this is a very thoughtful gift and will be hugely appreciated.
  12. Go on a vineyard tour – at their age, they will likely enjoy the finer things in life, so bringing them to a vineyard allows them the chance to do that.
  13. Take them to a show – this is a stress-free option that will be sure to keep any birthday boy/girl happy.
  14. Have a little dance party – dancing is always great fun and doing it with family and friends is even better!
  15. Go on a distillery tour – whether they like dry-aged bourbon, or a glass of sherry, a distillery tour is a nice way to get the guest of honour a well-earned drink.
  16. Get a photo booth – Create a photo booth for friends and family to use during the party. The backdrop can be anything from classic birthday decorations to special photos and memories from the birthday guest’s life. You can also include props too!
  17. 70 Messages from 70 friends – simple, yet effective. Gather up messages from 70 people that have been a part of the guest of honor’s life. They will be surprised at who says something nice and getting a message from a few old and familiar faces will warm their heart.
  18. Toast to his/her accomplishments – Prepare a toast to highlight all the incredible things that he’s/she’s done or family that he/she created. You know what makes them so great, so write it down and celebrate with those who share the same feelings.
  19. Bring them to a restaurant – don’t forget to get the bill!
  20. Sing to them – it may seem simple, but it’s the little things
  21. Bring them a little cake/cupcake – older people usually can’t have too much sugar, so getting them a small cake should fill the gap without causing any issues!
  22. Be there – because company is more important than anything for older people.
  23. Buy them flowers
  24. Create a time capsule with snippets from the day/year that they were born
  25. Centre the theme around someone that they love or loved/have lost.
  26. Bring them to a club – this is a little crazy and is for the more spontaneous 70-year-olds. They will be sure to attract the right kind of attention
  27. Bring them to a sports game – ideal for the men of course
  28. Have a picnic in the park
  29. Get in touch with some old friends of theirs and have them show up
  30. Bring them to a comedy night – laughter is the best medicine after all!
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What games can be played at a 70th Birthday Party?

It depends on the people that will be at the party; however the best kind of games that can be played are ones with memorial value, so games like charades, guess who? and jigsaws are great fun. It is always best to keep the games simple so that everyone can feel included.

What can I do for a 70th Birthday Party?

This will depend on what the birthday boy/girl likes. As a general rule, it is best to keep things simple. You don’t need to pull out all of the stops for a 70th birthday; just keep things personal and memorable in a subtle way. Having pictures, nice music, and a reminder of some sentimental moments will always be a great option.

What gift should I buy someone for their 70th birthday?

Typically, you will want to get someone something special for their 70th birthday. After all, 70 years of age is a huge achievement! Look at making it personal; some nice jewelry, a modernized version of a cherished photo or piece of art, or a special piece of clothing will go down well.

Is there a specific birthday message for a 70-year-old?

No, there’s no single birthday message that would be ideal. It would be best to keep in mind that different types of 70-year-olds require different birthday greetings. Everyone is different, and therefore, it is best not to send a general message, as it will come across as impersonal and insincere.

How much should I Pay for a 70-year-olds birthday?

That is completely up to you! Often, older people will not pay attention to the extravagance of a party. They will want simple things like friends and/or family to be there with them. It depends on the person of course if you know someone that is nearly 70 and loves to have fun and party, then, by all means, you can spend big, but spending $20 on a cake and having family sing happy birthday to the birthday boy/girl might be just as memorable.